Month: November 2016

  • How to easily extract arbitrary data from any file with just a pair of hexadecimal offsets

    I recently had to extract data from a binary file and I was only provided with two hexadecimal offsets to obtain it with. Simply speaking, I had to pull out some data from an .ISO file (without mounting it…) and this “arbitrary data” would be a new file itself which could be read in other […]

  • Is lossless music worth the extra trouble and my thoughts on audiophiles

    I just wrote an article about ripping CDs and converting audio files easily and for free and I wanted to post my view on the lossless VS lossy issue out there. For audiophiles out there who can claim they have the mythical Golden Ear which allows them to hear notes and distortions in sounds that […]

  • How to rip CDs and convert audio files to WAV/OGG/MP3/ALAC/FLAC

    Last year I began reorganizing my digital music collection and I made the decision to only have full albums. This meant a lot of space would be needed as I no longer went after just a few singles. At the same time I also wanted to go with a higher-quality audio format as a lot […]

  • How long should you wait before updating your operating system?

    You should wait until three months until after the first major update. That is my simple policy for new operating systems. Here is my detailed reasoning: HARDWARE – When a new operating system drops (macOS 10.12 Sierra, Windows 10) it will likely break support for a lot of your internal hardware as well as external […]

  • How to make a bootable operating system image on USB

    If you have an operating system in the form of an .ISO file you may now want to burn it to a USB to run it as a live operating system or even to install it on a computer. This is very easily accomplished today with UNetbootin   Just download and install it (Mac, Windows, […]

  • Obtaining legitimate Windows 10 ISO files

    I am annoyed when I see people turning to torrents and pirate sites as their source for a copy of Windows. I have no issue with the matter of piracy in this case but rather this is more of a security issue. Obtaining the .ISO image for your operating system from untrusted sources is a […]

  • Fixing “Select CD-ROM Boot Type” when installing 64bit Windows

    If you have to install 64bit Windows Vista, 7 or Server 2008 than you may come across an error that goes “Select CD-ROM Boot Type“. This will happen when you try to boot from the hard drive after the Windows DVD has copied over some of the files during the first phase of installation. We […]