Author: Jack Feschuk

  • Afternoon workout

    Curls, extensions, squats, leg raises, dips, plank, push-ups, presses, shrugs and twists

  • Morning workout

  • Evening exercise

    Curls, shrugs, squats, punches

  • Morning workout

    squats, curls, dips, punches, shrugs

  • Jack’s Law Finally Becomes Official

    If you bother someone else with a difficult question the answer will immediately reveal itself to you from another source. Jack Feschuk, 2023 I find that I whenever I bother someone else, taking up their valuable time, with a problem of my own that the answer suddenly appears to me from somewhere else. This is […]

  • Evening workout

    Bicep curls, chest presses, tricep dips, squats, Russian twists, tricep extensions, leg raises and shrugs

  • Using my personal hosts file to block ads and more

    Using my personal hosts file to block ads and more

    Going forward with this website I will be maintaining a hosts file to block ads, trackers, malware, fraudulent sites, trackers and all other kinds of things. I’m using a lot of public sources that are merged together, cleaned up and then uploaded to I’m personally using this with all of my computers (macOS, Windows, […]

  • Morning exercise

    curls, press, squats, shrugs, leg raises

  • 3 eponymous laws for cryptocurrency and blockchain

    3 eponymous laws for cryptocurrency and blockchain

    When someone says you can solve X with blockchain, they don’t understand X, and you can ignore them. Weaver’s Iron Law of Blockchain When someone tells you they have lost X dollars in crypto, the amount of dollar actually lost is always much greater than X. Cryptamus’ Corollary of Crypto As the absurdity of a […]

  • Another greenwashing scandal: Dow

    “They sort through it and a very small percentage is actually reusable, It just gets burned in open dumps or goes into rivers or in landfills”

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