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  • Why and how to disable the Windows DNS Client Service

    Why and how to disable the Windows DNS Client Service

    The Windows DNS client is poorly named. It is not a true DNS client but rather a DNS caching service. It caches records of all domain names you have visited (resolved). Overall this is a positive feature for network performance as it can greatly reduce the time it takes to begin the actual connection to […]

  • WordPress 5.2 got me to activate the “Hello Dolly” plugin for the first time ever

    Many, many years back when I was using WordPress I would notice the “test” plugin by Matt Mullenweg, Hello Dolly. This plugin only displays some lyrics from the song of the same title in the Admin screens. I had always deleted it, figuring it was good practice to cleanly delete a plugin that I was […]

  • How long should you wait before updating your operating system?

    You should wait until three months until after the first major update. That is my simple policy for new operating systems. Here is my detailed reasoning: HARDWARE – When a new operating system drops (macOS 10.12 Sierra, Windows 10) it will likely break support for a lot of your internal hardware as well as external […]

  • Obtaining legitimate Windows 10 ISO files

    I am annoyed when I see people turning to torrents and pirate sites as their source for a copy of Windows. I have no issue with the matter of piracy in this case but rather this is more of a security issue. Obtaining the .ISO image for your operating system from untrusted sources is a […]